Are you one of those individuals who've always wished they could lose weight in a painless manner? Good news! But though eating healthier and managing some daily exercise require work, you can do them more easily just with a few small changes in your lifestyle.

Here are five things you can do to get started:

Addition, Not Subtraction

Put an end to your denial approach and start adding more foods to your list. Just make sure you add only healthy ones, like snow peas, grapes, cherries and so on. Those fruits can be eaten with your breakfast cereal or be your snacks, while the veggies can be added into your stews, sauces and soups. Either way, don't forget about watching your calories.

Don't Go to the Gym

That's right. Forget the whole workout idea if only makes you the great avoider. But you still have to burn those calories by washing your car, chasing your poodle around your lawn, etc. Healthy Trim Weight loss can happen in more fun and exciting ways!

Size Down 

If eating less makes you feel deprived, change your dinnerware. Watching food on a big plate can make you crave for more, but when you use a smaller plate, that can give you the visual cue that you actually have more. We, humans, tend to go by physical hints as we eat. Seeing the bottom of our plate or bowl tells us that we've had enough. That goes without saying that a smaller plate of food will make us feel more satisfied than putting the same amount of food on a bigger plate. Reduce the size of your spoons, cups and bowls as well. For example, eat your ice cream using a baby spoon. Your body will have more time to register the food, and you can even extend your enjoyment.

Live Life Beyond Weight Loss

Sometimes, focusing too much on your weight loss efforts can be boring. But it doesn't mean you have to stop doing what you're doing. You just need to keep losing weight and have a life outside of it. Try yoga, for instance, or learn a musical instrument (nobody's too old for that). If you've always wanted to join a charity organization, do it. The point is to have a life outside your weight. If your schedule is already too busy, eat at the dinner table at least, instead of in front of your computer or TV, which tends to be distracting. Eating at the table increases your consciousness about the food you're eating. Know more about Healthy Trim.

Modify Your Favorites

One of the least painful ways of watching what you eat without feeling deprived is getting the reduced-calorie versions of your favorite foodies. A pizza with reduced-fat cheese can be delicious too. And as you shave your calories, go ahead and pad your fiber. As always, fiber makes you feel fuller longer.

Fill Up with Water Before a Meal 

If you drink some water before your first spoonful, you'll feel much less famished. If you're a compulsive eater, drinking water will help you by keeping your mouth busy without actually eating. When a party, do the same. Besides, hydration is always important for optimal body functioning, including fat metabolism.